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Ett Drömspel (A Dream Play)


* Caprice, 1993           camera_2.gif

Recording location : Stockholm, Europa Studios

Recording date : 12-16 October and 03-04 December 1992 and 08 January 1993


Hillevi Martinpelto

Håkan Hagegård

Ingrid tobiasson

Sten Wahlund

Curt Appelgren

Lars Kullenbo

Arild Helleland

Anders Bergström

Staffan Sandlund

Henrik Westberg

Rolf Cederlöf

Nina Stemme

Carl Unander-Scharin

Harriet Andersson

– The Daughter

– The Officer

– The Stage-Door Keeper

– The Advocate

– The Poet

– The Bill-Poster / Dean of Theology

– The Schoolmaster / Dean of Law

– The Glazier / The Blind Man

– The Chancellor

– Dean of Philosophy

– A Policeman / Dean of Medicine

– Victoria / She

– He

– Kristin


The Royal Choir, The Adolf Fredrik Girls' Choir, The Adolf Fredrik Boys' Choir

The Royal Orchestra, Stockholm

conducted by Kjell Ingebretsen


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