The Doctor of Myddfai



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The Doctor of Myddfai

* Collins Classics, 1996           camera_2.gif

Recording location : Welsh National Opera, Cardiff

Recording date : Wednesday 03 and Saturday 05 October 1996, live


Paul Whelan

Lisa Tyrrell

Gwynne Howell

Elizabeth Vaughan

Ann Howard

Nan Christie

Deborah Parry-Edwards

Philip Lloyd-Evans

Rosie Hay

Paul Gyton

Paula Bradbury

Patricia Ann Hughes

Craig Downes

Fiona Lamont

Sarah Pope

Peter Massocchi

Gareth Rhys-Davies

Philip Daggett

James Miller-Coburn

Valerie Seymour

The Doctor

The Child

The Ruler

1st Official

2nd Official

3rd Official

A Secretary / 2nd Girl

1st Minister

2nd Minister

3rd Minister

4th Minister / 1st Girl

5th Minister

6th Minister

7th Minister

8th Minister

9th Minister

10th Minister

1st Janitor

2nd Janitor

3rd Girl


Welsh National Opera Chorus and Orchestra

conducted by Richard Armstrong


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* Collins Classics, 1994           camera_2.gif

Recording location : Royal Northen College of Music, Manchester

Recording date : Thursday 08 September 1994, live


Della Jones

Christopher Robson

Martyn Hill

Neil Jenkins

Henry Herford

Gerald Finley

Jonathan Best

Elder Sister / Phoebus Apollo / Antichrist

Mam / Zeus or Hera

Headmaster / Surgeon 1 / White Abbot / Bishop

Vicar / Pluto / Hot Gospeller

Dad / Surgeon 2 / The Rev'd Minister / Policeman

Younger Brother / Surgeon 3 / Sir Croesus Wright / Judge

Doctor Surgeon 4 / Comrade Serbsky / Trade-Union Leader


BBC Philharmonic

conducted by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies


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